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Time to bury this “Is Delphi Dying” nonsense

Every 3-6 months or, more frequently it seems, someone has the urge to post some attention grabbing headline such as “Is Delphi Dying” or “Is Delphi a Dead language?” (yes, even unintentionally negative headlines hurt). It recently even despicably overflowed onto StackOverflow. Enough is enough, I thought, I am utterly bored with this discussion. So, I decided to do […]

Delphi3000 Malware Problems

Just a short post to warn Delphi community members that when I tried to visit long standing community code site I received a warning from Google Chrome that the site apparently contains a significant load of Malware: The more advanced description of what Google claims to have found can be viewed on their Advisory […]

Homecamp 08

  I spent all day last Saturday at Homecamp at the Electrical Engineering building at Imperial College London. Homecamp is effectively a hack-day about Home monitoring, home automation reducing energy and energy resource requirements in your home. Previous to hearing of the day, I had become interested in these subjects because I had seen Andy […]

Delphi Man to the rescue

As part of my efforts to try to help Jim Mckeeth’s push to get Delphi Programming the recognition that it deserves I recently dug out a copy of my orginal Borland Branded “Delphi Man” Super Hero. If you haven’t already got him then I would encourage you to print and cut out a copy for […]

Yet Another iP***** post

I realise everyone is sick of hearing about the iPod Touch / iPhone version 2 firmware updates however I felt that I would happily ignore that so I could share a few things with you. About 36 hours after reading about various iPhone users receiving their updates via links sent over twitter I noticed the […]


Simply terrible. This is a sample of a CAPTCHA shown to users of German file-sharing service Rapidshare. In case you skipped over the first part (as I did at first) to enter the letters shown, you’d be wrong. You have to work out which letters are hiding a cat and which ones are hiding a […]

Rails Deployment Storm

There has been a minor storm brewing for a while now within the Rails community and one which I have predicted and written about (at length) last year. It began with a disgruntled rant from Zed Shaw who was responsible for the Mongerel engine for rails. Zed seems to be disheartened with the Rails development […]