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My Developer / Utility Toolbox

Most Developers will already have come accross many of these tools but just as every plumber has a favoured brand of wrench or electrician has a favoured model of multi-meter we all have a favourite set of productivity enhancing utilities. Here are a few of the tools which I find tremendously useful or find developing […]

Homecamp 08

  I spent all day last Saturday at Homecamp at the Electrical Engineering building at Imperial College London. Homecamp is effectively a hack-day about Home monitoring, home automation reducing energy and energy resource requirements in your home. Previous to hearing of the day, I had become interested in these subjects because I had seen Andy […]

A Lesson in Customer Support?

When customer service startup GetSatisfaction first launched I was initially skeptical. It seemed like a good way of leaving customer support requests to be solved in a peer-supported way allowing you to provide little or no official support. However, it soon began to pickup larger support products such as Twitter which still seems to be […]

iTunes Movies finally reach the UK

iTunes movie rentals and purchases finally reach the UK market. Until now they had only been available to other countries such as the US. The prices are, at first glance, terrible. £2.49 to rent movies and £6.99 to buy the movie. One of the titles available is Team America: World Police This DVD can be […]

Facebook: Just how solid is the model?

Recently Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook appeared in an interview on 60 Minutes the purpose of which seemed fairly unclear to me. The Interview did not seem to reveal very much however he did cover an IPO (or lack there of) and was very cagey about the recent Beacon fiasco. I would have liked the interviewer […]

Newsgatorup for Free!

That’s right, FREE for Individual use RSS Products! I’ve always tried to tell as many people as I can about the fantastic set of RSS tools available from Newsgator. I personally use the excellent (Delphi written) FeedDemon product written by Nick Bradbury as my everyday reader. I also use their Newsgator Go! mobile reader on […]