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F# for a Delphi Programmer

When Visual Studio 2010 was released and it included a large number of great new features, one of which in particular was portrayed as a stealth revolution by an article in The Register: F#. F# is a new .NET based functional programming language which emerged from Microsoft’s Cambridge Research lab as the primary focus of Don […]

Converting C headers is hard – yajl for Delphi

Introduction I have been toying with the idea of trying to convert the yajl parser bindings to Delphi in order to build a wrapper on top of the original C dll. yajl (Yet Another JSON Library) is a small fast SAX style JSON parser written and open sourced in C over at lloyd’s yajl GitHub […]

Diary of a C# to Delphi Prism conversion

I have in the past written up a few tips for converting a Delphi.NET project to Delphi Prism but this time I thought it might be useful for me to write up my experiences on converting this C# Project to Delphi Prism by initially using the C#ToPas Tool from RemObjects. Many of you who attended CodeRage […]

New Language Features in Delphi Prism

Continuing my look at Delphi Prism, in my previous post I took a (very short) look at some of the compatibility changes required to port my Delphi.NET  Twitter Library to Delphi Prism, I mentioned that I now needed to learn about some of the new language features provided by Prism. Ever since the release of […]

Migrating a Project to Delphi Prism from Delphi.NET

As we know, now that the future of Delphi.NET is Delphi Prism (based on the RemObjects Oxygene compiler) we have to migrate our Delphi.NET projects to be compatible with the Prism compiler. The Easiest way to get started is to look at the free Oxidizer tool provided on the RemObjects Wiki. The tool helps with […]

Homecamp 08

  I spent all day last Saturday at Homecamp at the Electrical Engineering building at Imperial College London. Homecamp is effectively a hack-day about Home monitoring, home automation reducing energy and energy resource requirements in your home. Previous to hearing of the day, I had become interested in these subjects because I had seen Andy […]

A New Beginning for Delphi

Delphi programming is currently being rejuvenated on so many different levels. I was pleased to see that in the November 2008 TIOBE Index of Programming Languages Delphi shot up to 8th place (only .020% behind c#). I believe that this is partially on the excellent efforts of my good friend Jim McKeeth whose community herding has helped […]