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Beachside Development on a Nexus 7 with Amazon AWS and Quoda

Recently, on holiday, I had WiFi, time to spare in the sun, a Nexus 7 tablet, and wanted to try to prototype something. I wondered just how much lightweight development work could be done on a Nexus 7 android device. Clearly, none of is this is, or claims to be an ideal development platform but […]

A Lesson in Customer Support?

When customer service startup GetSatisfaction first launched I was initially skeptical. It seemed like a good way of leaving customer support requests to be solved in a peer-supported way allowing you to provide little or no official support. However, it soon began to pickup larger support products such as Twitter which still seems to be […]

Yet Another iP***** post

I realise everyone is sick of hearing about the iPod Touch / iPhone version 2 firmware updates however I felt that I would happily ignore that so I could share a few things with you. About 36 hours after reading about various iPhone users receiving their updates via links sent over twitter I noticed the […]