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Starting with the Edison Part 1 – Setup

I was recently lucky enough to get a SparkFun starter pack for Intel Edison, which is a set of boards that slot together for the Intel Edison. This post is about getting up and running on the Edison with the initial setup and OS update and in the second, I will go through a very […]

Delphi can do MQTT too!

I have recently released my MQTT Client for Delphi, which can now be found and downloaded here . TMQTTClient is a non-visual Delphi Client Library for the IBM Websphere MQ Transport Telemetry protocol. It allows you to connect to a Message Broker that uses MQTT such as the Really Small Message Broker (RSMB) which is freely available for […]

Homecamp 08

  I spent all day last Saturday at Homecamp at the Electrical Engineering building at Imperial College London. Homecamp is effectively a hack-day about Home monitoring, home automation reducing energy and energy resource requirements in your home. Previous to hearing of the day, I had become interested in these subjects because I had seen Andy […]