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Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) Podcast: Episode 42 – Release Pipelines

Recently I, along with several others, appeared on the Electric Cloud #c9#d9 podcast. I was joined by Gioia Ballin, Juni Mukherjee, and J. Paul Reed. It was a general CD discussion, covering the full pipeline from CI, to testing, configuration, deployment and release. We discussed some of the common hurdles teams must overcome to streamline […]

Musings on a smooth transition to Continuous Delivery

I was asked to take part in a short Continuous Delivery eBook from Zend. It is a free ebook, but you do have to provide details in order to download it (standard practice these days, it seems). You can also read snippets from each author in the Continuous Delivery Quotes slideshare presentation: Continuous Delivery eBook […]

Rakefiles for Delphi

It’s not a secret that I’m a big advocate of Continuous Delivery and I’ve also found that I’ve been using a lot of Ruby and Python development workflow tooling recently because I like those languages in this setting and I find the tools to be relatively easy to use (I recently wrote about Fabric for […]

Simple, synchronous deployments with fabric

Automated deployments are a very essential ingredients for any application and not just those wanting to practice Continuous Delivery. There are many configuration and deployment tools available to use, which offer you different architectures and options for describing your config. Options, Options, Options Recently, when I needed to spin up a Rackspace cloud server quickly […]

Cranking up the dynamic environments with Puppet

I recently completed and deployed a personal project which turned out to require rather more computing power than I’d originally estimated. To fuel this demand, I opened a Rackspace cloud account to host my development and production environments and began configuring my environment as I wanted it. If you haven’t used Rackspace cloud before, I […]

Delivering software continuously and why you should

I’ve recently really been getting into a Software Delivery methodology which for me, wraps up a selection of the most potent benefits of Agile, TDD, Continuous Integration which requires Development and Operations to work very closely. Holy cow, all those flashy words in a single description, that must mean this is some enterprisey buzzwordy new […]