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Serverless APIs with Clojurescript and AWS

I recently put together a small service to help produce a table seating plan, which was also a good chance to try some genetic programming. Before continuing, I should point out that there are already plenty of excellent software packages designed for this which is much more mature and fully featured, such as Perfect Table […]

Beachside Development on a Nexus 7 with Amazon AWS and Quoda

Recently, on holiday, I had WiFi, time to spare in the sun, a Nexus 7 tablet, and wanted to try to prototype something. I wondered just how much lightweight development work could be done on a Nexus 7 android device. Clearly, none of is this is, or claims to be an ideal development platform but […]

Compiler messages are important (even for Clojure)

It should be fairly apparent to anyone that has ever touched a compiler that good compiler messages aid debugging time, this is also clear in various journals on the subject. This is often the reason why a lot of effort is spent on integrating error intelligence with the IDE (E.g.: Visual Studio and Resharper, Delphi […]

Why I wanted to learn Clojure

As mentioned briefly when Simon Stuart and I interviewed Jim McKeeth on the 50th episode of the podcast at, I have recently started up a few side projects as a way of getting into Clojure. As with many, I typically find that the best way to learn a language is to have a real […]