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Turbo Delphi: A Hidden gem in DelphiLive?

I enjoyed the Twitter live-coverage and exciting revelations of DelphiLive! particularly from JimMcKeeth and marcocantu but also many others. Despite the surprise revelations of Project X etc a particular slide caught my eye amongst the many others: Did you see it? ..ISVs, VARs, Consultants and Hobbyists.. I jumped at the phrase and asked Jim whether […]

My Developer / Utility Toolbox

Most Developers will already have come accross many of these tools but just as every plumber has a favoured brand of wrench or electrician has a favoured model of multi-meter we all have a favourite set of productivity enhancing utilities. Here are a few of the tools which I find tremendously useful or find developing […]

Quick Tip for handling IE Invalid XML Files

I encountered a strange bug with a Google Maps API application which loaded a set of points and other information from a static XML File.  The Application would work beautifully for every browser except for Internet Explorer 6 and 7 (Surprise! Surprise!) where it would simply fail to load any data. After a bit of Googling I […]

A Lesson in Customer Support?

When customer service startup GetSatisfaction first launched I was initially skeptical. It seemed like a good way of leaving customer support requests to be solved in a peer-supported way allowing you to provide little or no official support. However, it soon began to pickup larger support products such as Twitter which still seems to be […]

Yet Another iP***** post

I realise everyone is sick of hearing about the iPod Touch / iPhone version 2 firmware updates however I felt that I would happily ignore that so I could share a few things with you. About 36 hours after reading about various iPhone users receiving their updates via links sent over twitter I noticed the […]

Spend time viewing photos?

I spend a great deal of my time on the internet browsing my friends photos, its one of the primary uses of social networking sites such as Facebook and Flickr. I do sometimes wonder if even this simple function is too painful when having to wade through paging or search function however this is a […]

Newsgatorup for Free!

That’s right, FREE for Individual use RSS Products! I’ve always tried to tell as many people as I can about the fantastic set of RSS tools available from Newsgator. I personally use the excellent (Delphi written) FeedDemon product written by Nick Bradbury as my everyday reader. I also use their Newsgator Go! mobile reader on […]