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Prototyping of a single serving site with Python & Flask

TL;DR – Built a crazily simple single serving site for a local coffee shop as a prototype to see if it would help them. You can currently see it at is black chapel coffee open?. Problem context There is an excellent local coffee shop in Wandsworth town, called Black Chapel coffee, that is physically small […]


I spent this weekend at the rather smart Guardian offices at King’s place near King’s Cross to visit Warblecamp and I thought I’d write up my thoughts on some of what I’d learned. WarbleCamp is a free unconference style event for the UK/Euro Twitter developer community which was held at the offices of the guardian. I […]

Design Decisions – A REST Library

Since Jim has posted Episode 24 of the Podcast at Delphi.org and explained that we’re making an open source Twitter client I thought I would write a quick post about some of the design decisions which we’re already facing. In Particular about the decisions around the internal class that will handle communication with the Twitter […]