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Simple REST Client for Delphi

While writing a Delphi Rich client for a personal project talking to RESTful service I recently became frustrated with the available easy REST client interfaces for Delphi. As a result, I wrote a small wrapper around the Indy TIdHttp component to provide a fluent interface upon which you can use to write REST clients. It’s […]

Simon Stuart: the tragedy of the commons

This is a late post but I felt it needed to be said. Many of you will have seen Simon J Stuart’s post on why he is shutting down his blog on September 1st. Simon’s post is quite emotive in places but most tragically he is also withdrawing his freely available projects from which many […]

tgrep update

A while ago, I posted about the tgrep challenge. The tgrep challenge was to devise an application which can search through very large log files for lines which match the time (the name of the challenge will give away the purpose for those familiar with the grep tool). The challenge focuses specifically on HAProxy logs […]

tgrep challenge

I thought many of you might enjoy a little programming challenge that I came across. I’ve long been a fan of reddit, and especially the programming and delphi sub reddits. reddit, who seem to finally be getting the support that they need, posted an interesting job ad about 8 months ago, which seemed like a nice […]

Open source kindness and a Delphi yajl update

I’m always pleasantly surprised at the generosity of the Delphi community when it comes to helping other developers or open source efforts. There are many places to host open source code, each community usually has a particular bias towards one system (.NET langs towards Codeplex, Python langs towards BitBucket, Ruby and Javascript to Github). The […]

F# for a Delphi Programmer

When Visual Studio 2010 was released and it included a large number of great new features, one of which in particular was portrayed as a stealth revolution by an article in The Register: F#. F# is a new .NET based functional programming language which emerged from Microsoft’s Cambridge Research lab as the primary focus of Don […]

Converting C headers is hard – yajl for Delphi

Introduction I have been toying with the idea of trying to convert the yajl parser bindings to Delphi in order to build a wrapper on top of the original C dll. yajl (Yet Another JSON Library) is a small fast SAX style JSON parser written and open sourced in C over at lloyd’s yajl GitHub […]

An Improved Cirrus Caching Aspect

In my original introduction to Cirrus framework I drew up a basic method result caching attribute for Delphi Prism. This weekend I thought I’d give it another go and try to create a more general purpose Caching Aspect that integrates with a well known Cache library. I decided to use the opportunity to experiment with […]

Time to bury this “Is Delphi Dying” nonsense

Every 3-6 months or, more frequently it seems, someone has the urge to post some attention grabbing headline such as “Is Delphi Dying” or “Is Delphi a Dead language?” (yes, even unintentionally negative headlines hurt). It recently even despicably overflowed onto StackOverflow. Enough is enough, I thought, I am utterly bored with this discussion. So, I decided to do […]

Malware specifically targeting Delphi

The F-Secure blog has details of a Malware variant that they’ve found that solely targets installed Delphi versions 4 -7. F-Secure currently detect this as: Virus.Win32.Induc.a. The malware saves a clean copy of SysConsts.dcu and then adds a call to its own init function at the entrypoint of the SysConsts.dcu library. The malware is rather […]