New Goodies in Delphi Prism 2011

As the announcements have recently proclaimed: Delphi Prism 2011 is out now and the Software Assurance emails went out particularly quickly after the announcements (great work team embarcadero!). I thought I might share what I’ve found to be new and cool in the Delphi 2011 Release. Visual Studio 2010 Support I’ll start with the most obvious […]


I spent this weekend at the rather smart Guardian offices at King’s place near King’s Cross to visit Warblecamp and I thought I’d write up my thoughts on some of what I’d learned. WarbleCamp is a free unconference style event for the UK/Euro Twitter developer community which was held at the offices of the guardian. I […]

Converting C headers is hard – yajl for Delphi

Introduction I have been toying with the idea of trying to convert the yajl parser bindings to Delphi in order to build a wrapper on top of the original C dll. yajl (Yet Another JSON Library) is a small fast SAX style JSON parser written and open sourced in C over at lloyd’s yajl GitHub […]

Delphi Prism and the Microsoft Rx Framework

It’s very easy to overlook the fact that Delphi Prism fully supports .NET 3.5 and parts of .NET 4 and with it, the amazing range of Frameworks and Libraries that the .NET eco-system contains. One such framework that I’ve been waiting to get working with is the Microsoft Reactive Extensions for .NET (aka Rx Framework). […]

An Improved Cirrus Caching Aspect

In my original introduction to Cirrus framework I drew up a basic method result caching attribute for Delphi Prism. This weekend I thought I’d give it another go and try to create a more general purpose Caching Aspect that integrates with a well known Cache library. I decided to use the opportunity to experiment with […]

Time to bury this “Is Delphi Dying” nonsense

Every 3-6 months or, more frequently it seems, someone has the urge to post some attention grabbing headline such as “Is Delphi Dying” or “Is Delphi a Dead language?” (yes, even unintentionally negative headlines hurt). It recently even despicably overflowed onto StackOverflow. Enough is enough, I thought, I am utterly bored with this discussion. So, I decided to do […]

Dynamically generating code with Delphi Prism

In my last post I covered dynamically compiling code with Delphi Prism and this time I’m going to introduce dynamically creating code which could then be written out to a source file or compiled from in memory. You might want to generate code dynamically for a wide variety of reasons, whether it be to bootstrap […]

Dynamically compiling code with Delphi Prism

Delphi Prism and the .NET Framework are both extremely powerful tools and bring a lot of flexibility that Delphi for Win32 cannot necessarily provide, particularly when it comes to reflection and code generation. I recently started a project where I wanted to be able to compile a string with Delphi Prism code into an assembly without hacking my […]

Malware specifically targeting Delphi

The F-Secure blog has details of a Malware variant that they’ve found that solely targets installed Delphi versions 4 -7. F-Secure currently detect this as: Virus.Win32.Induc.a. The malware saves a clean copy of SysConsts.dcu and then adds a call to its own init function at the entrypoint of the SysConsts.dcu library. The malware is rather […]

The Delphi Community: From the Outside

Someone on Twitter recently pointed me to – which claims to gather together data to give you an estimated rating of how popular certain Programming languages are. I know that most people have seen the TIOBE Programming Community index at some point which uses similar data mining methods to LangPop. This is the first […]