OAuth Base Class for Delphi

This is a Delphi Prism direct translation of the C# OAuthBase.cs by Eran Sandler. It is functional, but there are still a few signing methods missing at this point which I need a bit more time to test against different OAuth Services.

You can download the initial version of dOAuthBase.pas here.

Sample usage:

  oauth: TOAuthBase;
  url: Uri;
  signature: string;

  oauth = new TOAuthBase();
  url = new Uri(”http://www.my-oauth-url.com/resource/query”);
  signature = oauth.GenerateSignature(url, “dpf43f3p2l4k3l03?, “kd94hf93k423kf44?, “nnch734d00sl2jdk”, “pfkkdhi9sl3r4s00?, “GET”, oauth.GenerateTimeStamp(), oauth.GenerateNonce(), dOAuthBase.TSignatureTypes.HMACSHA1);

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or improvements to make to the code. There is an OAuth Test Server run by term.ie where you can test the library against a server implementation.

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