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Simply terrible. This is a sample of a CAPTCHA shown to users of German file-sharing service Rapidshare. In case you skipped over the first part (as I did at first) to enter the letters shown, you’d be wrong. You have to work out which letters are hiding a cat and which ones are hiding a […]

Spend time viewing photos?

I spend a great deal of my time on the internet browsing my friends photos, its one of the primary uses of social networking sites such as Facebook and Flickr. I do sometimes wonder if even this simple function is too painful when having to wade through paging or search function however this is a […]

Facebook: Just how solid is the model?

Recently Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook appeared in an interview on 60 Minutes the purpose of which seemed fairly unclear to me. The Interview did not seem to reveal very much however he did cover an IPO (or lack there of) and was very cagey about the recent Beacon fiasco. I would have liked the interviewer […]

Rails Deployment Storm

There has been a minor storm brewing for a while now within the Rails community and one which I have predicted and written about (at length) last year. It began with a disgruntled rant from Zed Shaw who was responsible for the Mongerel engine for rails. Zed seems to be disheartened with the Rails development […]

Newsgatorup for Free!

That’s right, FREE for Individual use RSS Products! I’ve always tried to tell as many people as I can about the fantastic set of RSS tools available from Newsgator. I personally use the excellent (Delphi written) FeedDemon product written by Nick Bradbury as my everyday reader. I also use their Newsgator Go! mobile reader on […]