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Delphi Prism and the Cirrus Framework

The May 2009 Release of Delphi Prism introduced the Cirrus layer that provides Delphi Prism developers access to a library for Aspect Oriented Programming natively for the first time. The AOP Wikipedia article has a much more detailed explaination than I could provide but for those who don’t want to read the full article AOP […]

Turbo Delphi: A Hidden gem in DelphiLive?

I enjoyed the Twitter live-coverage and exciting revelations of DelphiLive! particularly from JimMcKeeth and marcocantu but also many others. Despite the surprise revelations of Project X etc a particular slide caught my eye amongst the many others: Did you see it? ..ISVs, VARs, Consultants and Hobbyists.. I jumped at the phrase and asked Jim whether […]

Diary of a C# to Delphi Prism conversion

I have in the past written up a few tips for converting a Delphi.NET project to Delphi Prism but this time I thought it might be useful for me to write up my experiences on converting this C# Project to Delphi Prism by initially using the C#ToPas Tool from RemObjects. Many of you who attended CodeRage […]

My Developer / Utility Toolbox

Most Developers will already have come accross many of these tools but just as every plumber has a favoured brand of wrench or electrician has a favoured model of multi-meter we all have a favourite set of productivity enhancing utilities. Here are a few of the tools which I find tremendously useful or find developing […]

Design Decisions – A REST Library

Since Jim has posted Episode 24 of the Podcast at and explained that we’re making an open source Twitter client I thought I would write a quick post about some of the design decisions which we’re already facing. In Particular about the decisions around the internal class that will handle communication with the Twitter […]

Delphi3000 Malware Problems

Just a short post to warn Delphi community members that when I tried to visit long standing community code site I received a warning from Google Chrome that the site apparently contains a significant load of Malware: The more advanced description of what Google claims to have found can be viewed on their Advisory […]

Delphi can do MQTT too!

I have recently released my MQTT Client for Delphi, which can now be found and downloaded here . TMQTTClient is a non-visual Delphi Client Library for the IBM Websphere MQ Transport Telemetry protocol. It allows you to connect to a Message Broker that uses MQTT such as the Really Small Message Broker (RSMB) which is freely available for […]

Quick Tip for handling IE Invalid XML Files

I encountered a strange bug with a Google Maps API application which loaded a set of points and other information from a static XML File.  The Application would work beautifully for every browser except for Internet Explorer 6 and 7 (Surprise! Surprise!) where it would simply fail to load any data. After a bit of Googling I […]

The Delphi Channel: Coding Delphi for Fun

I am a great fan of the Microsoft Coding 4 Fun blog and feel that there should be something similar for Delphi Progammers. I am trying to get something similar started as a way of boosting the relevance, appeal and attraction of Delphi to novice, hobbyist or student programmers.  Why?  The aim of it would […]

The Turbo Delphi Product Family: An Open Letter.

To whom it may concern at Codegear, A Recent posting over at The Doric Temple titled “how do I make the case for delphi (as a target business development environment)” has prompted me to wonder why Codegear has slightly neglected the Turbo family which to my knowledge hasn’t been updated since it’s initial release on the […]