Jamie is a technology leader, formerly a Software development manager, technical product owner and general geek, who enjoys building high quality software. He specialises in building and forming autonomous and agile teams, who practice Continuous Delivery; a set of approaches and tools to produce very high quality software, more frequently through automated build, testing and deployment.

Every developer has a pet language that they started developing with – mine is Delphi. However I consider myself to be comfortable with a wide variety of Programming Languages and environments including Java, Clojure, Scala, and Python.

The views expressed on this website and any other social online property linked to me are solely representitive of my own views and do not represent the views, opinions or influences of my employer or any other organisation which I might be associated with.

I also write a speciality coffee blog over at BeanThere.at.

As is increasingly the case; different parts of my online presence are scattered across a number of different locations:

  • Twitter – A place for sharing links, findings and conversations in the form of messages limited to 140 characters (http://twitter.com/jamiei).
  • Blog – You are here. My blog where I occassionally air out thoughts and observations on technologies that I use or am interested in using (http://jamiei.com/blog).

If you wish to contact me (and I’m a pretty sociable person normally!) you can:

  • Email: jamie@{remove-this}op-i.net
  • Twitter: @jamiei

Thanks for visiting!