Recently I, along with several others, appeared on the Electric Cloud #c9#d9 podcast. I was joined by Gioia Ballin, Juni Mukherjee, and J. Paul Reed.

It was a general CD discussion, covering the full pipeline from CI, to testing, configuration, deployment and release. We discussed some of the common hurdles teams must overcome to streamline each stage of the pipeline across any type of software release – while still providing security, compliance and governance at scale.

c9d9 - episode 42

Episode replay on Youtubye.

It was a good discussion and although the discussion was pretty broad, there were several excellent points raised and I certainly got some good value out of the conversation as a participant. There was also some excellent conversation immediately prior to the podcast around Devops culture in UK organisations and how they differ to US organisational culture, which was a topic that I actually wanted to continue with in more detail with J Paul Reed.

Maybe next time..

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