I’ve been a long time lurker and enjoyer of reddit. I find that the content post to proggit is much much better than that posted to similar services. One element of programming.reddit that has always made me quite sad is the apparent lack of fresh Delphi content submitted. I recently started trying to post more content and encourage more discussion on the Delphi.subreddit which could benefit with a little activity.


I still believe that participating in these communities and making visible “noise” does credit to the delphi community. Some of you may remember that I extolled the virtues of this point just over a year ago in another post, The Delphi Community: From the outside.

This is all particularly relevant in a month when, the largest community gathering, delphi.non-technical has been filled to the brim with little which might give a potential newcomer to the community any kind of welcome feeling what-so-ever. Also this month a set of stats generated from the GitHub API showed that Delphi was the 39th largest language on there, another online property that I advocated our further involvement with. Without saying that we should be much higher, I would say that I would like to see more Open Source Delphi projects on there. We could also do with more of a vocal presence in many other areas too but I guess this requires organic community growth (allbeit slightly prompted).

The recently unveiled previews of RAD Studio XE may not be the cross-platform upgrade that some people hoped it would be, it does represent the next product version of the Delphi we know and love. If what the Embarcadero staff are saying in the newsgroups of the quality this release is true then it will be a worthy addition to the family (if not as groundbreaking as we’d originally hoped). Indeed I liked the look of the new integrated tools for the Delphi IDE revealed today and will await the next previews but even if that isn’t your cup of tea it still leaves plenty to shout about.

What I’m advocating is that we retain a little perspective and focus on what is in the Delphi XE release and not what isn’t and use this as a conversation starting point to start making more noise about Delphi in “public places” with a view to reinvigorating the community. Which reminds me: what other communities/online properties could the Delphi community benefit from making better use of?

In other news: I’ve also got what I consider to be an exciting Delphi community based side-project which you may all potentially get to see very soon…


  1. Jeroen Pluimers on the 17th August 2010 remarked #

    I have the impression that Delphi users favour DelphiFeeds.com over reddit.com


  2. Daniel on the 18th August 2010 remarked #

    @Jeroen: In fact, I check DelphiFeeds.com more often than I actually use Delphi.

    @Jamie: If EMB wants to get the community back and see more open source Delphi projects, a free and non too crippled entry edition must be released, or at the very least, a very cheap personal edition.
    I don’t use Delphi at work anymore, having moved to mostly Java and PHP nowadays. For me, for my personal and hobby use, daily Lazarus is already good enough.

  3. LDS on the 18th August 2010 remarked #

    Delphi is nor a charity nor a game. It’s a professional commercial product aimed at professional. The “community” will follow the product state. Deliver a great product and you will have a great active community. Deliver a lame product and you will have a lame community because many – and oftent the best – will move to other tools – most of us make a living out of programming, we need Delphi fulfill our needs, not viceversa.
    And the “community” should and must complain if the product is unable to address actual needs. Pretending everything is fine would just give Embarcadero another finger to hide behind and deliver little and slow.

  4. Ken Knopfli on the 18th August 2010 remarked #

    If you have to register for reddit, forgeddit.

    DelphiFeeds concentrates quality Delphi info, so that’s where I go.

  5. Antonio Bakula on the 18th August 2010 remarked #

    Without free Delphi version there will be even less open source Delphi projects, that is very sad, but I don’t see how there can be successful Delphi open source project when you must pay at least $899 (or $1150 in EU) to compile or contribute to project.

    EMBA must bring the turbos back or Delphi will slowly fade into obscurance

  6. jamiei on the 18th August 2010 remarked #

    @Jeroen Pluimers and @Ken Knopfli: I’d agree that for many DelphiFeeds fulfils their delphi blog posting needs but where I see a reddit resource differentiating is on sharing links which aren’t blog postings (presuming information is shared outside of blogs still?).

    @Daniel and @Antonio: You’re preaching to the choir there: I couldn’t agree more, I’ve been persistently advocating a Delphi Free/Hobby edition for a long time now.

    @LDS: I agree but publicising an overtly bad image for Delphi may dissuade potential new developers & force away old hands. Draining the community of talent only serves to damage the community and product further.

  7. Ken Knopfli on the 19th August 2010 remarked #

    @Antonio Bakula: Embi is a business, I assume the turbo versions were dropped because they were shown to eat away sales.

    But I still argue strongly for an entry-level version priced at the non-professional single person hobby developer.

  8. LDS on the 19th August 2010 remarked #

    Jamiei: do you believe potential new developers are morons? If so no need to get them onboard. The best advocate for a product is the product itself. It doesn’t take much for any good developer to understand what’s Delphi, and it’s better he knows *before* spending at least $1000 to get a copy. Delphi has problems, those problems have to be solved, not hidden. We should give no excuse to Embarcadero to sell a subpar product praising it when it deserves no praise. Only Embarcadero would get a short-term benefit from it, but in the long term everybody will lose. And there will be no community at all, but some old retired developers and some hobbyists.

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