Delphi programming is currently being rejuvenated on so many different levels. I was pleased to see that in the November 2008 TIOBE Index of Programming Languages Delphi shot up to 8th place (only .020% behind c#). I believe that this is partially on the excellent efforts of my good friend Jim McKeeth whose community herding has helped out Delphi community to become more visible (“Delphi Programming” is simply not a phrase we were used to using!) and partially because of the excellent reviews and community noise that Delphi 2009 is receiving!

Delphi Prism was announced finally at the Microsoft PDC where we discovered (or some of us) that Delphi Prism is the new Delphi .NET Development solution which drops the slightly crippled compatibility approach that Delphi used to employ and instead fits within the Visual Studio IDE. Delphi Prism now supports all the latest and greatest .NET technologies including WPF, LINQ and Various Language methods. They’ve achieved this by making use of the extremely cool RemObjects Oxygene Compiler which I would highly recommend that you investigate right away if you’re interested at all in .NET Development! I will be doing a post soon to discuss some of my favourite new Delphi Prism language features!


This rejuvenation of Delphi is causing a product marketing effect and is slowly gathering momentum and I fully intend on doing whatever I can to generate enthusiasm for the Delphi Programming Community. This concept of User-led marketing has been widespread for many years as Apple fans will testify. As part of this I have a new project in mind for the Delphi community and will be explaining this in due course. I will certainly require Delphi enthusiasts to help with this venture, if you’re interested then please contact me.

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  1. Jim McKeeth on the 15th November 2008 remarked #

    I really think the CodeGear spin off was the beginning of the Delphi Renaissance. We are really seeing this Renaissance come into fruition. I am looking forward to your new Delphi project and am eager to be involved with it.

  2. jamie on the 16th November 2008 remarked #

    I agree Jim. The original Codegear as a subsidiary of Borland was not arms-length enough in my opinion and it wasn’t until they were acquired by Embarcadero that they started to really show the results of their independence!

  3. mikey on the 3rd December 2009 remarked #

    I’m been coding in Delphi since it was first released but never had any use for anything after Delphi 7 until now. I downloaded Prism 2010 demo – so for it looks like kicka-ss product – best of both worlds. FINALLY we really do have Object Pascal for .NET.

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