I realise everyone is sick of hearing about the iPod Touch / iPhone version 2 firmware updates however I felt that I would happily ignore that so I could share a few things with you. About 36 hours after reading about various iPhone users receiving their updates via links sent over twitter I noticed the little box on the iTunes store offering the upgrade for iPod Touch users. After paying £5.99 I was able to download the update which weights in at about 300Mb (not small) and requires backup, wipe and then restore operations on your iPod before it is complete.

My initial impressions of the AppStore are pretty good, the process is very smooth and the Applications that are currently available seem to be of a pretty good calibre. A Couple of things still annoy me immensely about the whole iPod/iTunes operation and the first is that it still requires a long and painful snyc of everything, even when I’ve only added a single app. The Second is that iTunes is so determined to send me an invoice email even for songs, applications and videos which are absolutely free, there is already so much unnecessary email in the world, why worsen the problem!

After the update and small reboot, I was greeted by the welcoming icon of the AppStore being added to my homepage where I promptly set about adding 4 of my most desired applications.

The ones that I have added so far are:

  • Facebook application – The only notable features of this is that it allows you to chat to facebook chat users via the application, this would be incredibly useful (or annoying) to an iPhone user. The other notable feature is the addressbook facility which for some (most of my friends don’t keep their number on there) would be extremely useful to an iPhone user.
  • Remote Application – Does what it says on the tin: Allows you to control iTunes remotely. Amazingly useful if not a little buggy sometimes!
  • Twitterific – Currently the only Native twitter client which is annoying because the interface is confusing and frustrating.
  • NetNewsWire for iPhone – The iPhone RSS client produced by Brent Simmons of Newsgator who created the best RSS Reader for macs by the same name. This syncs all my news and feeds with FeedDemon, My Blackberry client and every other Newsgator client that I use. Utterly useful.

NetNewsWire for iPhone

The only problems that I encountered where a slight problem with Syncing my NNW feeds from Newsgator. If you are having problems with NNW hanging then goto Newsgator online and reduce the number of feeds that the iPhone version is subscribed to. It’s not a problem for me because I certainly don’t want all my feeds clogging up my iPod and would only want to read a slightly smaller subsection of my total feeds.

I haven’t yet paid for any applications but as I’ve just been given a nice shiny iTunes gift voucher I suspect that I will branch into some of those ones very soon.

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