Starting with the Edison Part 1 – Setup

I was recently lucky enough to get a SparkFun starter pack for Intel Edison, which is a set of boards that slot together for the Intel Edison. This post is about getting up and running on the Edison with the initial setup and OS update and in the second, I will go through a very […]

Musings on a smooth transition to Continuous Delivery

I was asked to take part in a short Continuous Delivery eBook from Zend. It is a free ebook, but you do have to provide details in order to download it (standard practice these days, it seems). You can also read snippets from each author in the Continuous Delivery Quotes slideshare presentation: Continuous Delivery eBook […]

Beachside Development on a Nexus 7 with Amazon AWS and Quoda

Recently, on holiday, I had WiFi, time to spare in the sun, a Nexus 7 tablet, and wanted to try to prototype something. I wondered just how much lightweight development work could be done on a Nexus 7 android device. Clearly, none of is this is, or claims to be an ideal development platform but […]

Rakefiles for Delphi

It’s not a secret that I’m a big advocate of Continuous Delivery and I’ve also found that I’ve been using a lot of Ruby and Python development workflow tooling recently because I like those languages in this setting and I find the tools to be relatively easy to use (I recently wrote about Fabric for […]

Compiler messages are important (even for Clojure)

It should be fairly apparent to anyone that has ever touched a compiler that good compiler messages aid debugging time, this is also clear in various journals on the subject. This is often the reason why a lot of effort is spent on integrating error intelligence with the IDE (E.g.: Visual Studio and Resharper, Delphi […]

Simple REST Client for Delphi

While writing a Delphi Rich client for a personal project talking to RESTful service I recently became frustrated with the available easy REST client interfaces for Delphi. As a result, I wrote a small wrapper around the Indy TIdHttp component to provide a fluent interface upon which you can use to write REST clients. It’s […]

Simple, synchronous deployments with fabric

Automated deployments are a very essential ingredients for any application and not just those wanting to practice Continuous Delivery. There are many configuration and deployment tools available to use, which offer you different architectures and options for describing your config. Options, Options, Options Recently, when I needed to spin up a Rackspace cloud server quickly […]

Simon Stuart: the tragedy of the commons

This is a late post but I felt it needed to be said. Many of you will have seen Simon J Stuart’s post on why he is shutting down his blog on September 1st. Simon’s post is quite emotive in places but most tragically he is also withdrawing his freely available projects from which many […]

Why I wanted to learn Clojure

As mentioned briefly when Simon Stuart and I interviewed Jim McKeeth on the 50th episode of the podcast at, I have recently started up a few side projects as a way of getting into Clojure. As with many, I typically find that the best way to learn a language is to have a real […]

tgrep update

A while ago, I posted about the tgrep challenge. The tgrep challenge was to devise an application which can search through very large log files for lines which match the time (the name of the challenge will give away the purpose for those familiar with the grep tool). The challenge focuses specifically on HAProxy logs […]