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Jamie is a technology leader, formerly a Software development manager, technical product owner and general geek, who enjoys building high quality software. He specialises in building autonomous agile teams, who practice Continuous Delivery, a set of approaches and tools to produce very high quality software, more frequently through automated build, testing and deployment. In his spare time he enjoys programming in JVM Languages (Java, Clojure), Delphi, Ruby, Python and C#/.NET. He believes in providing clever but not unecessarily complicated technology solutions. He is always interested in new technologies and is an enthusiast for home automation and home monitoring.

He is a huge fan of caffeine infused hot drinks, particularly outstanding coffee but he also occasionally drinks the finest tea he can find (Earl Grey or Lapsang Souchong for those in the know).

He has a technical blog at /blog/ but also runs a speciality coffee blog over at beanthere.at.

Why the Midget Gems? .. Why not?


I occasionally write technical articles or observations around the technologies I use and my experiences in using them. These are published to my blog. There are no personal articles.

Please go directly to my blog.

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I have a lot of content that is scattered throughout the web. If you are interested in the same technologies as me then you will find these a useful resource:

My Blog
My Blog - A journal for my technical articles, musings and discussions about technology.
My Twitter
Twitter - A magical place for short messages and conversations around technology.
My GitHub
GitHub - Social Source code sharing, also where I keep my open source code repositories.

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There are a number of ways that you can contact me, if you'd prefer privacy for your query then please email. If it's nothing personal you could always contact me on Twitter.

My Details are below:

I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

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You can email me at jamie@{REMOVETHIS}op-i.net

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If you are unaware of what Twitter is when you reach this point then please contact me via email me instead.

If you are already on Twitter then please look me up: @jamiei.

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Please don't look suprised: I do still accept letters, phone calls and even faxes.

If you wish to contact me via any of the methods above or any other method then I would ask that you contact me via Email at first so that I can provide you details should they be necessary.

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